New flat bug (Aradidae) in honor of the “Animals of Costa Rica App”.

Just recently (31.7.2020) a new paper on neotropical flat bugs was published by the Austria heteropterologist Ernst Heiss. One of the newly described species is called Limonocoris kunzi. As provenience of the scientific name, Heiss published following:

E t y m o l o g y : This species is dedicated to Gernot Kunz, Biologist at the University of Graz, Austria, recognizing his ambitious and successful efforts to compile the Mobile App “Animals of Costa Rica”, an excellent field guide with 7000 photos of about 4700 species.

We are extremely honored and thankful to Ernst Heiss for dedicating this species to our work!

So everybody knows how Costa Rican flat bugs may look like, check the App for this family!!!

Stefan & Gernot

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